Lil B Calls Out All Rappers Doing Interviews With DJ Vlad; Young Thug Co-Signs


(AllHipHop News) Apparently, California’s Lil B is not a fan of DJ Vlad.

The BasedGod called out the media personality on Twitter.

“Any u rappers new and old doing interviews with DJ Vlad y’all looking real burnt y’all f-cking with a rat and snitch y’all marks,” posted Lil B.

The statement was shared over 2,000 times on the social media site, including a retweet from Young Thug.

Thugger and his sexuality have been regular topics of Vlad’s public discussions with his guests.

Lil B seemed to appreciate the co-sign from the “Pick Up The Phone” performer.

“Ay shouts out the legend [Young Thug] and I hope u never change ur name bro u a legend remember that for life,” B added.

Other Hip Hop figures have previously expressed their issues with Vlad as well.

Rick Ross, Dame Dash, and Bank Roll Fresh’s uncle have publicly criticized the man born Vladimir Lyubovny.

Former child actor Orlando Brown also recently blasted Vlad for “exploiting black motherf-ckers.”

DJ Vlad continues to publish exclusive interviews with various entertainers.

His popular YouTube channel has collected over 1,000,000,000 views and 1,400,000 subscribers since 2006.

Both Lil B and Young Thug have appeared on VladTV at some point in their respective careers.