Lil Baby Leaves Hefty Tip For Popeyes Store Employees 

Lil Baby

Lil Baby surprised staff at an Atlanta Popeyes when he ordered from their drive-through and left all the employees with a generous tip.  

Lil Baby surprised employees at an Atlanta Popeyes with a generous tip, giving each worker at the store $100. 

A store employee shared images of the moment the famous rapper pulled up to order some food. “Sooooo (lil baby) just came and blesssss my whole store with $100 each,” Facebook user Monty Ogltree wrote. 

One photo shows four Popeyes staff members proudly holding up the $100 tip, while another image features Lil Baby chatting to an employee at the drive-through window. 


Lil Baby is no stranger to giving back. Last summer, he participated in various initiatives for Fanatics’ Global Volunteer Day. In June, he lent his efforts to the scheme and helped donate more than 300,00 pieces of licensed apparel to around 100,000 underserved youth and their families across the US. 

In July, Lil Baby joined forces with VaynerMedia to celebrate the initiative with a single and music video titled; “Merch Madness.” The visuals recap the Global Volunteer Day events and features Lil Baby alongside Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, Meek Mill, DJ Khaled, Quavo, Russell Wilson, Odell Beckham Jr., Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and many more. Lil Baby donated royalties from the single to charity.  

“Real trench baby, business with Fanatics/ This like 20 million on a giveaway/ Twenty buses, 20 cities, stadium to stadium/ See they idols givin’ back to them, makin’ people go crazy/ I get paid when I appear/ To do this, I volunteer,” Lil Baby raps on “Merch Madness.”