Lil Baby Gives Out More Than $300,000 Worth Supplies In Annual “Back To School” Drive 

Lil Baby

Lil Baby personally handed out sneakers to local kids and even manned an ice cream truck during his annual Back to School drive.

Lil Baby has given back to the kids in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia in a big way, teaming up with Footlocker to help out local communities for his second annual Back to School drive ahead of the upcoming school year.  

In a video montage shared by the hometown hero on Instagram, Lil Baby can be seen getting hands on. He dished out sneakers and school supplies in multiple locations across the city, with the giveaways continuing until well into the night. He took pictures with kids and even manned the ice cream truck. 

“No Matter How The Narrative Switch , I’m One Of The Best To Ever Do This S###,” Lil Baby captioned the video. “3 giveaways In The Same Day.” Watch the heartwarming video below. 

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Lil Baby reportedly gave away more than $300k worth of sneakers and other supplies in partnership with Footlocker at the brand’s store in the West End Mall. He also gave out free haircuts at a local barber shop and put on other activities for the kids on site. The drive provided meals in partnership with Goodr, a local B Corp working to combat food waste and end hunger.  

Meanwhile, Lil Baby recently linked up with Dallas Mavericks budding star Jaden Hardy in Dallas. The “Go Hard” hitmaker was in town on July 29 for his It’s Only Us tour. He met up with Hardy, who gave him a rare No. 3 jersey. 

The 21-year-old point guard only wore the No.3 jersey in his rookie season before switching to No.1 earlier this summer. Hardy shared a picture of their meeting on Instagram while quoting Lil Baby’s “Double Down” lyrics. 

“Watch me shake the world and wake up everyone who been sleeping on me,” he penned in the caption.  

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