Lil Baby’s Red Cybertruck Co-Signed By Elon Musk But Fans Say It Resembles Lego 

Lil Baby

Lil Baby divided opinion after debuting his new Apple Red Tesla Cybertruck, with some fans comparing the vehicle to a Lego brick.  

Lil Baby is showing off his brand new red Tesla Cybertruck, but social media is divided over whether it looks as “cool” as Elon Musk suggests.  

On Tuesday (July 2), Lil Baby hopped on Instagram with a carousel of images of his new “apple red” toy. He shared photos of himself sitting on the vehicle alongside a video of the Cybertruck in action.  

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Many fans shared their approval in the comment section, dropping off fire emojis. However, Lil Baby and his Cyberturck came under closer scrutiny elsewhere online. 

Photos of the rapper and his new Tesla circulated on Elon Musk’s X (Twitter), catching the eye of the man himself. “Looks cool,” Musk wrote. 

While some people didn’t like the color Lil Baby chose, others objected to the Cybertruck shape, comparing it to a Lego brick.  

“Yeah that look like a lego car seriously am not even hating,” one person wrote while another added. “No shade but it still look like a lego.” 

Meanwhile, others were caught off guard by a sound the vehicle made as the wheels turned. “Imagine getting all of that and then hearing it squeak when the wheel turned. Lol,” read one comment.  

“I don’t know why, but that squeak was funny as hell,” a different person wrote, sharing a clip of the noise.   

Last week, Lil Baby made headlines after a cryptic tweet from Young Thug. On Wednesday (June 26), Thug posted: “whateva wham say goes.” 

His context-less message sent fans into overdrive and prompted a flurry of speculation. “Wham” is Lil Baby’s nickname, and some people jumped to the conclusion that Young Thug suggested Gunna is a rat.   

Nonetheless, Thugger might just have been showing love to Lil Baby’s next project. He shared a teaser just two days before Thug’s post. “LOADING,” he wrote alongside the hashtags “WHAM” and “Sorry 4 the wait.”  

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