Young Thug’s Cryptic Lil Baby Tweet Drives Furious Speculation Online 

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Young Thug fans went into overdrive after he made a post backing Lil Baby, with many believing it was a reference to Gunna. 

Young Thug ignited a flurry of speculation after sharing a cryptic tweet showing support for Lil Baby. 

On Wednesday (June 26) Thug posted: “whateva wham say goes.” Although he provided no context for his message, fans in the replies went into overdrive. “Wham” is Lil Baby’s nickname, prompting fans to jump to the conclusion that Young Thug agrees Gunna is a rat.  

One person shared a clip from Lil Baby’s verse on Lil Dann’s Family Freestyle, thought to be aimed at Gunna.  

 “N***** taking pleas, I know that Slime ain’t happy,” they wrote, quoting Lil Baby.

Another person shared a clip from a December concert, reportedly of Lil Baby yelling “F### the rats” after the DJ played his Gunna collab, “Drip Too Hard.” 

“So then gunna not valid ?” the user questioned. 

A third person added, “That’s tough! If he’s saying whatever Lil Baby say goes that Gunna snitched den lol Atlanta really about to turn on Gunna.” 

Gunna Addresses Ties To YSL Label

Thugger’s post arrived as a clip from Gunna’s Rap Caviar “Day in the Life,” interview circulated online. 

“I’m still signed to YSL, I’m still providing, like we still pushing,” Gunna said of his ties to Young Thugs label. “Like, no paperwork has been changed; know what I’m saying. So it’s like whatever’s been getting and how we pushing this s###, it’s still going.” 

Coincidently, Lil Baby shared a teaser on the same day Rappa Caviar’s Gunna interview landed. “LOADING,” he wrote alongside the hashtags “WHAM” and “Sorry 4 the wait.” 

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Back In April, Gunna clarified the status of his relationship with Young Thug. Gunna faced snitching allegations after taking a plea deal in the ongoing YSL RICO trial.  

“It’s the same,” he said of his relationship with Thugger. “It’s love, always. Our relationship is our relationship.”   

Commenting on snitching allegations about Lil Baby and others, Gunna said they’re uninformed. “They’re not on the case,” he said, before adding, “They don’t know legally what’s going on.”   

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Young Thug’s father, Jeffrey Williams Sr. continued to show support for Gunna from the front row of his Atlanta concert.  

Last December, Williams Sr. said “I love Gunna,” insisting, “Gunna hasn’t done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case, period.”    

Young Thug’s dad also called out Lil Baby for allegedly taking shots at Gunna. “He need to shut the f### up cause he don’t know what’s going on,” Williams Sr. said. “He going off a what he heard.”