Young Thug’s Dad Supports Gunna From Front Row Of Atlanta Concert 


Young Thug’s dad rejected the snitching allegations and proudly posed for pictures with Gunna after the show. 

Young Thug’s father, Jeffrey Williams Sr. continued to show his support for Gunna after making a surprise appearance at his Atlanta concert.  

Williams Sr. has staunchly defended Gunna despite allegations he snitched on Thugger. On Wednesday (June 12), he was the life of the party when the Bittersweet Tour rolled into Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. 

He stood in the front row for the show and turned all the way up while Gunna performed his Young Thug collab, “Ski.” 

In a further show of support, Gunna and Young Thug’s dad posed for pictures doing the YSL nose wipe. 

Gunna faced allegations he snitched on Young Thug after taking a plea deal in the YAL RICO case. Nonetheless, Williams Sr. has repeatedly rejected the allegations. 

“I love Gunna,” Williams Sr. said during an interview last December. “Let me try to help the attorney clarify that a little simpler. Gunna hasn’t done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case, period.”  

Young Thug’s dad also called out Lil Baby for allegedly taking shots at Gunna. “He need to shut the f### up cause he don’t know what’s going on,” Williams Sr. said. “He going off a what he heard. Ask Lil Baby has he ever come to a court date. That’s what I want y’all to ask these g###### rappers and these bloggers with this snitch s###.”