Lil Durk Throws Terrible First Pitch At Cubs Game But Remains A Good Sport

Lil Durk

Lil Durk was the guest of honor at the Chicago White Sox game last night, where can t he threw out the first pitch – causing hilarity to ensue!

When it comes down to Hip-Hop, baseball, and who should really keep it whatever they are trying to do on the mic — few people have been worse than 50 Cent.

Until now … Chicago rapper Lil Durk has totally embarrassed himself in front of his hometown and now the world is clowning him like crazy.

The “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper was asked to throw the first pitch at the Cubs vs. White Sox game on Sunday, August 8 at Wrigley Field.

He was all prepared to do his thing, dressed down in a custom Cubs’ jersey that said “Smurk” across his back, and prepared to razzle dazzle the crowd.

After standing on the mound, he tossed the ball left of home plate. Doesn’t sound that bad, right?

The ball then traveled way out of bounds; the club’s mascot Clark is running after the ball.

People were cracking up, but so was the controversial rapper. He laughed at the good fun, even reposting a salute from the team’s official Twitter page.

He may have needed the laugh.

Early in the next morning, on Monday, August 9, he gave a shout out to the late King Von. He tweeted at 3:17 AM, “Rip king von happy bday blooda”

He also posted on his Instagram with a series of photos, “Happy birthday blooda your name forever live on real hood legend #kingvon
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Lil Durk and Von, who transitioned on November 6, 2020, were locked in for real.

On Durk’s sixth studio album, The Voice, the two were on the cover art, and on several songs, including a hit called “Still Trappin.’”