Lil Durk Faces $350K Lawsuit For Missing Concert In The Bahamas

Lil Durk

Fresh Entertainment accused Lil Durk of keeping the promoter’s money even though he didn’t perform at an event in the Bahamas in 2019.

Concert promoter Fresh Entertainment sued Lil Durk for $350,000 after he didn’t perform at a show in the Bahamas.

According to TMZ, Fresh Entertainment said they booked Lil Durk to perform in Nassau in December 2019. The OTF rapper flew to the Bahamas but was purportedly blocked from entering the country due to then-pending felony charges, which were recently dropped.

Lil Durk was allegedly paid thousands of dollars for the event but never returned the money after missing the gig. Fresh Entertainment also claimed he didn’t inform them about his legal issues and refused to reschedule the concert.

Fresh Entertainment sued Lil Durk, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, for breach of contract. The promoter sought $350,000 to recoup the booking fee and money spent on arranging the concert.

Lil Durk’s attorney Ariel Mitchell responded to the lawsuit by saying it had “no merit.”

“The frivolous lawsuit filed by Plaintiff and its attorneys is being publicized in an attempt to usurp the news of Mr. Bank’s exoneration from the 2019 charges to extort a payday,” Mitchell told TMZ. “The lawsuit has no merit as it was the Plaintiff’s own failure to secure a visa which caused denial of entry by immigration. Further, we are confident this lawsuit will be immediately dismissed for several procedural errors. Mr. Banks looks forward to traveling the globe on tour in the near future.”