Lil Durk Threatens To Beat Up Man For Fighting A Woman

Lil Durk

Lil Durk decided to halt his performance when a fight broke out in the crowd between a man and a woman!

Lil Durk recently paused a show to call out a man in the crowd who was allegedly trying to fight a woman.

A video shows the rapper pointing out one of his concertgoers at the Bridgeport, Connecticut stop of his “7220 Tour.”

“I just seen the most craziest s### in the crowd, man,” Durk told the audience. “I just seen a n#### tryna fight a girl, man. Slow down bro, you know? Where he at? Where he at who just tried to fight a girl, man?”

After locating the man, Durk addressed him: “Aye bro, why you tryna fight girls, bro? I should come over there and f### you up. Yeah. We really like that for sure. I’d make your ass apologize right now. Deadass and you a hoe. You a hoe.”

When the video was reposted on Instagram, a user claiming to be the man said he was defending his girlfriend against another woman.

“Durk aint understand the situation,” the user wrote.