Lil Kim Reveals Details About Upcoming Biopic

Lil Kim

A biopic of Lil’ Kim’s life is on the way, according to the queen bee herself. Read more!

A Lil Kim a biopic is officially in the works.

The “Magic Stick” rapper spoke to The New York Post while at the late Biggie Smalls’ 50th birthday party recently, and confirmed there will be a film depicting her life story.

She said the flick is “absolutely” on the way.

When asked which actress she would tap to portray her, Lil Kim responded, “I don’t know… We’ll have to see.”

The 47-year-old added the film would closely follow the release of her memoir, set to hit shelves in late 2022.

The book unveils details of Lil Kim’s love for Biggie, despite his being married to Faith Evans at the time of his death in 1997.

“Oh my God. Everyone’s gonna know things that they’ve never known,” Lil Kim teased of the upcoming tell-all.