Lil Nas Implies Being ‘Gay’ Isn’t Fun Any More And He Misses Women

Lil Nas X

The important LGBTQ+ role model takes to social media to tease the masses (again) with his sexuality.

Lil Nas X is trolling again. The megastar and proud LGBTQ+ advocate takes to social media to imply he might not be as gay as he thought.

In what would be a magical reversal in nature and branding, the most outspoken gay in Hip-Hop took to Twitter to say, “this gay s### was fun at first. i miss p#### now.”

He later followed up with another tweet saying, “nevermind he texted back.”

Fans and supporters on the spectrum have celebrated the rapper’s boldness around his sexuality, even as he has ruffled feathers with his constant games and trolling.

During his 2021 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, he performed two of his hit songs “Industry Baby” into “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).”  To punctuate awareness for HIV/AIDS, he highlighted an activist named Mardrequs Harris from the Southern AIDS Coalition to remind the world that there are still people living with the disease.

@LilNasX delivered a powerful performance at the #VMAs and shined a spotlight on the stigma that fuels HIV, especially across the South. Mardrequs Harris from

@SouthernAIDSCo wore the number 433,816 in red, representing the number of people living with HIV in the U.S. South.”

This was the biggest statement Lil Nas X has made regarding HIV/AIDS and its impact on the rainbow community. This was important, particularly after DaBaby’s summer rant that reinforced and put out a lot of negative stereotypes about gays and the disease.