Lil Nas X Says He Is “Very Mean” After Encounter With A Fan

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X has denied he’s a “nice guy” after a sweet interaction with a fan at the VMAs!

Lil Nas X has jokingly responded to a fan account declaring how nice the rapper is in real life.

A fan shared an anecdote on Reddit about meeting the “Industry Baby” rapper backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, saying they were leaving halfway through the show when the Prudential Center elevator attendant let them out on the floor where Nas, real name Montero Hill, was standing.

“I’m a shy person so it took a lot for me to approach him and I didn’t want to be annoying but it’s my birthday and this opportunity seemed once in a lifetime, so I did,” the fan wrote. “I said (awkwardly) ‘Montero?’ He said ‘yeesss?’”

The post continued: “I said ‘I’m not supposed to be here I’m sorry but can I get a picture with you?’ He said laughingly ‘yes but tell me I look classy’ (he was in his VMA outfit). I did obviously and he was so nice and posed and then suggested we change lighting so the pics would be better.”
“It was really nice to meet someone I admire and find out they’re a genuinely nice person.”

Pop Crave reposted the anecdote on its Twitter account, which 23-year-old Nas shared and replied to, writing, “this is not true. i am very mean in person.”

His quote tweet added, “i once slapped a fan for singing the lyrics to industry baby wrong.”

The rapper later added a meme in the thread that read, “When you beat the nice person allegations.”