Lil Pump Banned From JetBlue For Coughing, Sneezing, Refusing To Wear Face Mask

lil pump jet blue

The rap star is in the headlines again, for all the wrong reasons.

Rapper Lil Pump continues his antics to gain attention and it is working. 

Last week, Pump rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when he dissed Eminem, apparently for no reason. 

Lil Pump Blasts Eminem For No Reason We Can See

Now, the rapper is in the headlines again over his behavior on a JetBlue flight over the weekend.

According to TMZ, Lil Pump was on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Los Angeles, when he refused to follow the law and wear a face mask.

The rapper made a huge fuss on his flight, and he allegedly coughed and sneezed into a blanket without wearing his mask, which drew the ire of the pilot, during the plane.

Things got so bad, that the pilot called the cops on the rap star, who eventually capitulated and put on his face mask, but he was swiftly reprimanded when the flight landed.

While Pump avoided arrest, he was permanently banned from flying on JetBlue.

Apparently, there was no love lost between Lil Pump and JetBlue. The rapper posted a rant to his 16 million followers, trashing the airline in a since-deleted post. 

“F### JetBlue, f### everybody that work in there n####,” the rapper ranted. “Yall b###### some bums.”

Lil Pump’s disturbing behavior comes on the heels of another controversy involving a different airline. On December 14th, a man boarded a United Airlines flight without telling anyone he had symptoms consistent with having COVID-19.

The plane was packed with 164 passengers flying from Orlando to Los Angeles, but the plane had to make an emergency landing when the man collapsed and died mid-flight.