Lil Reese Faces Backlash For Humiliating A Homeless Man

Lil Reese

The self-described Supa Savage catches heat from social media users.

Lil Reese has a lot of people calling him out online. A video of the Chicago-bred rapper degrading someone sleeping on the street went viral.

The clip from Lil Reese’s Instagram Live shows a group of people walking together as one of them pours a liquid on what appears to be a homeless man lying on the ground.

“Get his a##, get his a##. Put that b###h on his head, put that b###h on his head. F##k him!” someone can be heard yelling as Reese filmed the demeaning act. The unknown man on the street responded, “Don’t do that, man! That ain’t right, man!”

People in the background of the video begin laughing as the man on the street looks up in shock. Reese captioned his Instagram post with laughing and facepalming emojis.

After footage of the moment made its way around the internet, Instagram users flooded Lil Reese’s page to blast him. Countless comments under a recent Instagram post called out the 30-year-old Drill artist for his behavior.

“Why [did] you pour your drink on a homeless person for? You ain’t right,” one Instagram user wrote. Another individual commented, “You [are] too blessed to be doing what you did to the unfortunate, s###’s lame as hell.” Yet another person stated, “Lil feces mistreating an elderly Black homeless [man], that’s a shocker!!”

In addition, numerous Instagram users recalled the time Lil Reese allegedly defecated on himself after a physical confrontation. As of press time, Reese has not addressed the negative reactions to his crew’s treatment of the man on the street or the incident itself.