Lil Sodi Killed In Car Accident; Family And Friends React

Lil Sodi

The music world mourns the tragic passing of Los Angeles-based rapper Lil Sodi, a rising star whose life and career were marked by resilience in the face of personal tragedy.

Los Angeles-based rapper Madsodi Simpson, better known as Lil Sodi was tragically killed on car accident last week.

The news was confirmed by his niece, Leeanna, who took to social media to express her grief.

“The worst news I ever got today is losing my Uncle Lil Sodi 🥺😭💔 I will always remember you telling me ‘I will always be there for you no matter what, You’re my niece and I’m not going to let nobody mess with you’ I will always keep that in my heart forever and ever 😞💙🥺 I just want to hear your voice one more time 🥺 I love you with all my heart and never forget about you until we meet again 🕊️💙 and please tell Uncle Tiny JLoc and Tiny Solo that I said Hi 🕊️✨ and I love them 😘 T.I.P Uncle Lil Sodi 🕊️💙.”

Lil Sodi was making strides in the music industry, after signing with Jeezy’s CTE label in 2015.

He had recently released his seven-track EP, “Too Good For Hell, Too Bad For Heaven,” which was met with positive reviews and was seen as a promising step in his career.

His sudden death has left fans and fellow musicians in shock, with tributes pouring in from all corners of the music world.

The rapper’s life was not without its share of tragedy. In a 2021 interview, Lil Sodi opened up about the heartbreaking loss of his nine-year-old son in a residential fire in Albuquerque.

Despite the immense pain, he found solace in his music, which he said gave him the motivation to keep going.

“When I go back to music, that’s what just gives me the motivation to keep going,” he said in an interview. “It keeps driving my fans, my family, my other kids that I still have to live for, so I gotta be here and I gotta keep going.”

Lil Sodi’s journey in the music industry startedbafter signing with the record label 100 Entertainment, which is owned by Game’s brother BigFase100.

Sodi later became the CEO of his own Orangutan Music Group. His collaboration with rapper Afroman, facilitated by Freeway Ricky Ross, was a significant milestone in his career.

Afroman’s mentorship helped Lil Sodi refine his stage performance and rekindle his passion for music.

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