Lil Soulja Slim Bans Soulja Boy From Louisiana


(AllHipHop News) It has been a rough week for Soulja Boy.

The “Crank That” performer was arrested for a probation violation.

Then the week ends with Lil Soulja Slim airing out his issues with Soulja Boy.

Lil Soulja spoke with DJ Smallz about Soulja Boy allegedly biting the album title of the late Soulja Slim’s Soulja 4 Life for the Real Soulja 4 Life album.

“I actually spoke with Soulja Boy. He explained himself, but it didn’t make sense to me as he was explaining himself,” said Lil Soulja concerning a conversation about his father’s LP title.

He added, “To me, it perfectly looked like he stepped on his legacy on purpose. That’s why Soulja Boy can’t come back to New Orleans, the state of Louisiana period.”

“This real street. You not even living like that. You not cut like that to be talking about you a real Soulja for Life, period,” Lil Soulja Slim continued. “Soulja come from out our project. There’s real souljas in our project. People that died for it on the line. You see what I’m saying? We really take it personal. It’s not a game for us.”

According to Lil Soulja Slim, the only way Soulja Boy can return to Louisiana is by paying him.

“You’re making money off of it. You put it on iTunes. That’s your album. Cut me a check,” said Lil Soulja.