Lil Uzi Explains “Make A City Girl Believe in Satan” Lyric: “I Say Anything I Want To Say” 

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi ignored the backlash to his Satan lyric, and said he doesn’t intend to offend listeners, but people are free to switch off.

Lil Uzi has addressed the backlash to his viral performance at Rolling Loud Los Angeles, which some, including Summer Walker, suggested promoted satanic worship. 

The Philadelphia native donned a red fit with a pentagram belt, and wore his hair in spikes for the festival set. He debuted new music during his performance, including a song alluding to Satan while name-checking his girlfriend, JT.  

“I make a City Girl believe in Satan,” Lil Uzi rapped while performing in front of a backdrop featuring crosses and dismembered mannequins. Check out the clip below.  

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Lil Uzi Says The Satan Reference Was A Metaphor

However, despite the criticism, Lil Uzi denied believing in Satan and said the reference was not literal but a metaphor.  

“Not actually Satan,” Lil Uzi told TMZ Monday (Mar. 13). “But just basically I make a girl do whatever I say so.” 

According to Uzi, JT understands the symbolism and didn’t take it as a literal reference.  

“She really didn’t think too much of it,” he added. She was there when she heard me make the song, she knows what I really meant.” 

As for JT, she didn’t take the lyrics too seriously. “She really didn’t think too much of it… She knows what I really mean,” he added.  

Lil Uzi also confirmed that he ignores the social media chatter adding that he doesn’t mean to ruffle any feathers with his music, but people are free to tune out.  

“I don’t even really pay attention to them even saying that,” he said, before adding, “I just say whatever I want in my songs, it’s my freedom of speech. I come from a real religious household, but me finally living my life and being an adult, I say anything I want to say. Even if I offend people, I don’t mean to offend people. But if they don’t like it, they have the option to turn it off.”