Lil Wayne, Lawyer Getting Ready For Court Appearance Over Gun, Ammunition Charges 

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne will make an appearance in a Miami court this Friday over claims he had a gun on his private jet.  

Rap star Lil Wayne will be making an appearance in Miami this Friday, but unfortunately, it has nothing to do with his ultra-successful music career. 

This week Wayne will make his first appearance over a weapons bust on his private jet last year. 

Wayne will stand before Judge Kathleen M. Williams for the first time on Friday (December 11th) for his first court date, since being charged with having a gun and ammunition on his private jet in Miami. 

The headache for Wayne started on December 23rd 2019, when the Feds boarded his private Gulfstream G-V jet at the Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport. 

After a search of the luxury jet, the cops allegedly found Wayne to be in possession of a gold plated handgun and some bullets. 

“Dwayne Michael Carter, a/k/a Lil Wayne knowingly possessed a firearm and ammunition in and affecting interstate and foreign commerce, knowing that he had previously been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year,” Ariana Fajardo Orshan, United States Attorney said after unveiling the indictment against the rap star in November. 

Lil Wayne could face 10 years in the slammer over the gun and ammunition, but he has proclaimed his innocence through his lawyer, Howard Srebnick.

“There is no allegation that he ever fired it, brandished it, used it or threatened to use it. There is no allegation that he is a dangerous person. The charge is that because he was convicted of a felony in the past, he is prohibited from possessing a firearm,” Srebnick said in a statement.