Lil Wop Rejects Gender Transition Plans, Shares Explicit OnlyFans Videos On Social Media 

Lil Wop announced that while he will not be transitioning genders, he still identifies as a gay man and will dress as a man and woman.

Lil Wop has announced he is calling off his transition after revealing earlier this year he was taking steps to become a transgender woman. 

The former Gucci Mane artist took to social media over the weekend to inform fans of his plans. According to Lil Wop, he made the decision because the baddies “need” him. However, he will still wear women’s clothing and identify as gay.  

“I ain’t transition no more the bad b###### & the trans b###### need a real n#### like me,” Wop wrote August 18. “And just to clarify I’m not saying I’m not gay or I’m not gone be dressing up I’m just not fully transition.” 

He added, “I’m gone be a boy to sometimes lol.”  

In May, Lil Wop took to social media to announce his plans to undergo a gender transition. “In The Transition Into Becoming A Full Transgender,” he wrote in the since-deleted post.  

He had previously come out as bisexual to his fans, revealing “I like Guys & Girls” in 2022.  

Days after announcing he will no longer be transitioning, Lil Wop turned X (formerly Twitter) into X-rated. He shared a trio of very explicit videos from his OnlyFans account with his followers. While he appears to be the person in the extremely graphic clips, it is unclear if the videos are throwbacks or if the Chicago-based rapper has cut off his dreadlocks.