Transgender Rapper Lil Wop Responds To Ralo Calling Him A Fake Woman

Lil Wop Rallo

Gucci Mane’s former artist says his p#### feels like a real woman’s.

Incarcerated rapper Terrell “Ralo” Davis took to social media to share his thoughts on Louis “Lil Wop” McPherson presenting himself as a woman.

Lil Wop, a former Gucci Mane protégé, went viral in May after sharing a photo of himself dressed in lingerie. Later that month, Wop announced, “In The Transition Into Becoming A Full Transgender ⚧️ 🏳️‍⚧️💕™️🕷️.”

On July 15, a Twitter account posted side-by-side pictures of Lil Wop before the gender-changing announcement and after the gender-changing announcement. The caption claimed Wop recently got tricked with laced fake pills.

Ralo reacted to the unsubstantiated rumor. His July 16 quote-tweet read, “I know everyone got they lil flaws and desires, but idgaf what drug I do or get laced with my soul won’t ever allow me to do no [s###] like that. Women are too beautiful to be faked.”

Lil Wop got wind of Ralo’s comments about his transitioning. The OnlyFans content creator then fired back at the 97 Months mixtape creator on Instagram.

“Tell @ralofamgoon this mouth & this p#### feel like a real woman’s 😛🥰💕💕,” wrote Lil Wop in an Instagram post. Additionally, Wop added on his IG Story, “Huh??? I’m transitioning into a whole woman. What’s fake about that?”

For the past several months, Lil Wop continued to upload images to social media of his transition from a man to a woman. The self-described Wopster came out as bisexual last year while also admitting to being attracted to feminine men and transgender women.

Ralo received an eight-year federal prison sentence on marijuana and gun charges. The Famerica Records founder spent time signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017-branded label as well. Numerous rap stars pushed for Ralo to receive clemency from President Joe Biden.