Lil Xan Responds To Being Called A “Snitch” For Accusing Stat Quo Of Giving Him Drugs

Lil Xan

Diego also had words for ‘No Jumper’ host Adam22.

Nicholas “Lil Xan” Leanos inserted himself back in the news recently when he decided to “expose” his ex-manager. Lil Xan, also known as Diego, took to social media to accuse Stat Quo of instigating his drug addiction.

“When I was on tour through 2018 to two thousand whatever, the world tours with Nicki [Minaj] and Juice [WRLD] and all that, I was a drug addict back then. And my manager [Stat Quo] was supplying me with the drugs,” said Lil Xan in a video posted to social media.

Apparently, those accusations led to some people online blasting Lil Xan for “snitching” on his former right-hand man. The 25-year-old California rapper returned to social media to address his critics.

“It’s like half-and-half. Half [are] saying, ‘Thank God you’re spreading awareness.’ And then the other half is [saying], ‘Oh, you’re a snitch now. He didn’t make you do that,'” explained Lil Xan.

The Total Xanarchy album creator continued, “I’m not a gangbanger. I’m a civilian. How am I a snitch? Did I go to court and f###### rat on my gang? I don’t have a gang. You can’t snitch if you’re not a f###### gang member. Miss me with that.”

Lil Xan went on to say he is trying to help other artists that are in a similar situation in the hopes he prevents someone from getting into “bad deals” or possibly losing their life. In addition, Diego took issue with No Jumper podcast host Adam22 for allegedly defending Stat Quo in this situation.

“Adam wants to go on here and say that I’m in the wrong for blaming Stat for supplying a kid [with] drugs,” stated Lil Xan. “He actually is salty that I unfollowed him… I think another reason is Stat and Adam have a very good relationship. I don’t know if they’ve been in cahoots talking about this, trying to clear Stat’s name.”

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