Lil Yachty Reference Track For Drake Leaks Amid OVO Star’s Beefs

Lil Yachty Drake

The Lil Yachty reference track leaked while Drake’s feuding with Future, Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross and more.

Drake remained at the center of drama as a reference track for his song “Jumbotron S### Poppin” leaked online. The Canadian star’s collaborator Lil Yachty recorded the reference version of the song.

“Jumbotron S### Poppin” appeared on Drake and 21 Savage’s album Her Loss. Lil Yachty was a known contributor to the song, which listed his name in the credits.

The Lil Yachty reference track surfaced during Drake’s ongoing issues with multiple artists. An Atlanta number allegedly leaked the audio, resulting in wild speculation involving Metro Boomin. Fans believed Metro was the source of the leak since he’s beefing with Drake and worked on Her Loss, which dropped in 2022.

Lil Yachty’s impact on Drake’s music was no secret. Drake acknowledged Lil Yachty’s influence on 2023’s For All the Dogs album.

“I don’t think this album is what it is if I don’t get to run everything by you,” Drake told Lil Yachty on SiriusXM. “If I don’t get to sit in the studio and write with you, and think with you, and if you don’t send me beats, and if you don’t tell me what you believe in or don’t believe in.”

The reference track leak was another twist in Drake’s feuds with Metro, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross, among others. The overarching battle began when Future and Metro dropped their We Don’t Trust You album. The project featured Kendrick dissing Drake on the song “Like That.” Future and Metro unleashed more jabs at Drake with their follow-up release We Still Don’t Trust You.

Drake responded with a diss track titled “Push Ups.” Ross, who sided with Future and Metro, entered the fray by firing shots at Drake on the song “Champagne Moments.” Drake and Ross clashed despite their history of creating hits together.