Lizzo Addresses Speculation She Killed Someone Stage Diving


Lizzo has come forward to address reports circulating that she killed someone at Rolling Loud in Miami, after she she supposedly stage-dived on someone!

GRAMMY Award winning-singer Lizzo is deading a rumor that says that she “killed someone” at the Rolling Loud concert in Miami last weekend.

No one knows where the rumor came from, but it proposed that the “Truth Hurts” chart-topper did a stage dive during her performance and killed a person.

This was not far-fetched because so many other artists have stage-dived during the weekend, despite COVID-19 restrictions.

But she shut all of that down.

While on her Tik-Tok, Lizzo blasted people for believing the lie.

“So, I’ve seen a lot of annoying things about me on the internet but what bothers me the most is this rumor that I stage-dived at a concert and killed somebody,” she said.

She continued, “That is a lie a lie first of all. I’ve never staged-dived in my life, and b####.. killed somebody?…y’all really gone put that on my m############ name? I know I’m big but I’m not that big,” she joked.

Lizzo also said she was not trying to engage with her fans because of the coronavirus as she sprayed the camera, saying “I don’t even trust this m########### Live.”

“I’m not trying to catch nothing,” she added. “I don’t even want to catch feelings, b####. You think I’m trying to catch COVID? So, at this point, I’m going to be slightly rude about it.

“Don’t think, ‘Ah, she a celebrity. She think she all that.’ It’s not that, boo boo. You know what I think I am? Healthy. You know what I think I am? COVID-free. You know what I think I am? Full of vitamin D and vitamin C. You know what I think I am? Safe for my friends and family to be around.”

“If y’all see me in the street [and] come up on me — you want a hug, you want to shake my hand, you want to kiss me on the cheek,” she remarked.

“I’m nice, but this virus gonna have me acting up.”

We got you, Lizzo, and thank God you didn’t kill anybody.