AllHipHop EXCLUSIVE: Lizzo In The Clear Over Angry “Stolen Food” Beef With Postmates Driver


A defamation lawsuit against Lizzo over threatening to beat up a Postmates driver over her food has been dismissed!

Lizzo is in the clear after an angry tweet about her food led to a lawsuit filed by a Postmates delivery driver. 

Tiffany Wells’ has voluntarily dismissed her defamation lawsuit against Lizzo, after she threatened to beat her up, and posted her picture to millions of followers, over a botched seafood delivery. 

“Tiffany Wells and defendant Melissa V. Jefferson (Lizzo), by and through their respective counsel, hereby stipulate and agree that this entire action and all claims for relief asserted in Plaintiff’s Complaint are voluntarily dismissed with prejudice. Each party shall bear her own attorneys’ fees and costs,” said Tiffany Wells’ attorney, Michael A. Rose.

Lizzo Postmates Lawsuit Dismissed
Lizzo Postmates Lawsuit Dismissed

The hungry rapper went bonkers in September of 2017 after she ordered some food via Postmates from a seafood joint called Luke’s Lobster in Boston. 

Lizzo ordered the grub under the alias “Bonnie V” and tried to have it sent to the Revere Hotel, where she was staying. However, she never provided a room number. 

Delivery driver Tiffany Wells showed up to deliver Lizzo’s food and made multiple attempts to call the phone number the “Truth Hurts” rapper provided, but Lizzo didn’t answer. 

Wells then approached the front desk to locate Bonnie V, but had no luck there either. Wells waited for 10-minutes, which is five more than the rules set for Postmates delivery drivers, and then she left. 

Lizzo flew into a rage and tweeted: “Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food she lucky I don’t fight no more,” along with a photo of Tiffany’s face.

Tiffany Wells claimed she had to quit her job as a Postmates delivery driver out of concern for her safety. 

In February of 2020, Lizzo took the “beef” up a notch when she filed a counter-suit against Tiffany Wells, demanding the lawsuit be dismissed while asking Wells to pay for her legal bill as well. 

Apparently, Tiffany Wells is ready to get back to her life, because she decided to dismiss her lawsuit against Lizzo, with prejudice, meaning she cannot file another complaint and the legal wrangling is over.

After the incident, Lizzo claimed she was at fault and that Tiffany did nothing wrong.