Lupe Fiasco: Kendrick Lamar Not A Top. 100 Rapper, Says “Control” Was “Just Aite” 

Lupe Fiasco Kendrick Lamar

Lupe Fiasco believes he’s a better lyricist than Kendrick Lamar and claims K. Dot’s “Control” verse was overrated.  

Lupe Fiasco believes he’s a better lyricist than Kendrick Lamar and claims K. Dot’s “Control” verse was overrated.  

The recent diss tracks and competitive energy consuming the Hip-Hop community has Lupe ready to hit the studio to wage war. He was dragged into the conversation recently following J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar as Lupe Fiasco has also walked back comments he made about Lamar on social media.   

On Monday evening (April 15), Lupe joined a Spaces conversation hosted by St. Louis battle rap legend Aye Verb, where he shared his take on K. Dot.  

According to Lupe Fiasco, although Kendrick Lamar is a “great rapper” and performer who makes “great albums,” he is not a remarkable lyricist. Furthermore, he said he could name one hundred better wordsmiths.  

“I think what he does for the culture is amazing, like I love him to death,” he shared. “I do not think that he’s like this amazing lyricist though and if I had to put a Top. 100 list together…” 

Lupe said the first sixty slots were underground MCs unknown to the mainstream. However, K. Dot still doesn’t get a mention in his Top. 100 rankings.  

Listen to the clip below and check out the full conversation at the end of the page.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Lupe Fiasco let his peers know he’s with all the smoke and is waiting for a rapper to challenge him to a battle so he can send them to rap oblivion.   

He paused his Coachella set to warn anybody thinking about calling him out.   

“Hear my clearly when I say this, and I mean this at the bottom of my heart,” Lupe declared. “When it comes to this art, and I quote, I will battle any muthafuckin rapper anywhere, any muthafuckin time.”   

He continued, “I don’t give a f### how many records you sold. I don’t give a f### how many awards you have. If you want smoke, I swear on my muthafuckin soul, I will walk through n#####. I will chew up n#####. I will body muthafuckas.”  

Fans shared clips of his challenge online and Lupe Fiasco soon went viral and was in the Top. 10 trending topics on X (Twitter) on Monday evening (April 15).  

Lupe Fiasco clarified his remarks on X Monday evening (April 15), replying to praise from veteran British producer and DJ Semtex.  

“Had to add my little comment to the current narrative Semtex,” he explained. “Folks been sideways on socials and in the media at me all week like I won’t casually rap these boys and girls into the shadow realm…either spawn in and smoke it up or let me finish watching these cybertruck reviews in peace.”