Maino Questions Why Amazon Not Held Accountable Over Antisemitic Film But Kyrie Irving Suspended 

Maino wants to know why Kyrie Irving is in hot water for sharing a link to an antisemitic film, but Amazon can host the film on their site.

Maino had some questions concerning the controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving after he shared a link to an antisemitic film hosted on Amazon.  

The NYC rapper took to Instagram on Sunday evening (Nov. 6) to address the situation in the wake of Nike suspending their relationship with Kyrie Irving. The news from Nike comes despite the athlete’s lengthy apology. Kyrie also offered a $500,000 donation, and was given a five-game suspension handed down by the Brooklyn Nets.  

Maino wants to know why people aren’t keeping the same energy with Amazon. 

“So Kyrie Irving is being held for being responsible for a link to a documentary that’s on Amazon and Amazon is a platform that it’s being shared,” Maino questioned. “So he’s being held accountable by Nike and whoever else, but Amazon is not?”

Check out Maino’s comments on Kyrie Irvin and Amazon in full below.  

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Last week, Kyrie issued an apology after sharing a link to “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.” Like Maino, many wondered whether Amazon would face any consequences for hosting the documentary as Kyrie Irving did for sharing a link to it.  

However, according to New York Times, the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League have contacted the retailer. They sent a letter to Amazon asking the company to address the “deeply and unequivocally antisemitic” documentary.  

An Amazon spokesman said the company is exploring adding a disclaimer to the film. Anyone buying or renting the documentary or the book the film is based on would see the potential disclaimer.