Man Arrested For Breaking Into Drake’s Beverly Hills Mansion

Drake - NYPD

Drake’s home was previously targeted in 2022 when a man claiming to be his son was caught on the property.

Police arrested a man for burglarizing Drake’s home in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday (January 26).

According to multiple reports, a security guard called the cops due to an unidentified white male’s “unauthorized entry into the property.” Police apprehended him in Drake’s neighborhood.

Officers identified the suspect after reviewing surveillance footage from a security camera. A source told TMZ he was in possession of an item presumed to be from Drake’s home when cops caught him.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the suspect was booked for burglary. The LAPD didn’t disclose the man’s identity. Drake was not at home at the time of the break-in.

LAPD officers responded to the burglary even though the mansion is in Beverly Hills. His property falls under the jurisdiction of the LAPD’s West Los Angeles Division instead of the Beverly Hills Police Department, per the Los Angeles Times.

Drake’s Beverly Hills mansion has been targeted by intruders in the past. A man claiming to be his son was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing in July 2022.

The latest incident at Drake’s house occurred less than a week after he made his debut at the Apollo Theater. The OVO star performed two shows at the historic venue in Harlem.