Man Busted In Getaway Vehicle Used To Kill G Herbo’s Close Friend Lil Greg

G Herbo

The police have detained a man they believe could be connected to the brutal slaying of one of G Herbo’s friend Lil Greg.

The cops in Chicago are one step closer to finding the gunman who murdered a long time associate of rapper G Herbo. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, a man was pulled over in a 2010 Volvo SUV that was used as the getaway vehicle in the brutal slaying of Gregory Jackson III. 

Jackson, AKA Lil Greg, was murdered on January 29th, as he sat in the barber’s chair waiting for a haircut at the Studio 19 barbershop in the South Loop section of the city. 

According to investigators, both Lil Greg and G Herbo are members of the Terror Town/No Limit faction of the Black P-Stone gang.

A man driving the SUV, Christopher Mosley, was also caught with a .40 caliber Glock in his possession.

Mosely was charged with weapons offenses and being a habitual criminal. 

So far, the police have not released a motive for the slaying of Lil Greg, and the suspect who killed him has yet to be apprehended.

The cops in Chicago issued a community bulletin, fearing gang war could erupt as members of the Terror Town/No Limit faction prepare for retaliation over Lil Greg’s murder.

Tragically, Lil Greg would have turned 25-years-old this Thursday, February 4th.