Man Risked His Life Paragliding Into Rick Ross’ Car Show

Rick Ross by Julia Beverly

The man traveled across state to try and crash the party.

Fans know Rick Ross knows how to have a party, and some will apparently risk their lives to be a part of the action. One fan, Kris Jeter, actually crashed his recent car and bike show at his mansion by paragliding into the space, according to WSB-TV. He says he almost died doing what he thought was a bright idea.

“I was pretty lucky to make it make it to Rick Ross’ house,” Jeter said, adding he left his South Carolina house and drove all the way to about a mile from his house to activate the stunt. “It was honestly one of the scariest flights I’ve ever taken.

“As soon as I got turned around by the wind, I had to fight my way to turn back around. The winds were rushing fast.”

In fact, he tracked them in at around 25 miles an hour. Once he flew onto the property, he was told by security he couldn’t stop there. The unexpected guest, who was lucky he didn’t get shot, said, “They were just like well you can’t land here.”  But he did—or tried to—and got asked to move.

It wasn’t all a bust. Ross got a kick out of it and made a video talking about it. Jeter said of his 15 minutes of fame, “That was awesome. Yeah. I kind of felt like the highlight of the party.”