Manny Pacquiao To Give Away Half Of Mayweather Fight Earnings

Its Bigger Than Boxing

Manny Pacquiao is the antithesis of Floyd Mayweather when it comes to money. The Filipino pugilist is set to give away about half of his earnings from this weekends May Pac fight in Las Vegas.

Pac, who lost Saturday night, will make winners for his people when he gives away and estimated $40 million to charities.

Promoter Bob Arum said, “I’m sure half of what Manny earns in this fight is going to go to charity. That is just Manny. We don’t like to talk about money too much as more charities line up.””

Pacquiao is a congressman in the Philippines with ambitions to run for president when he retires from boxing.

He has always been supportive of his people, who in most instances, are struggling deeply.

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