Rick Ross & Drake Warned To Squash Beef Before It Ends Like Tupac Shakur Vs. Biggie 

Drake Kendrick Lamar

Marlon Wayans warned Rick Ross, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and other warring rappers to back down before it’s too late.  

Marlon Wayans shared his reaction to Rick Ross and his crew getting jumped in Canada amid his Drake beef, urging rappers to stop the violence before it goes the same way as the Tupac vs. Biggie feud.  

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While Ross appeared to take a blow to the face, sparking the chaos, he insisted Vancouver “was fun.”

On Monday (July 1), the comic replied to an Instagram post featuring the brutal beatdown. He penned an open letter to Hip-Hop and warned things could get out of hand, citing the infamous beef between Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.  

“It’s all fun and games until people start getting hurt. Remember this, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!” Wayans began. “I knew Tupac, I knew Biggie. I partyed with them, hung out with them, saw them both 20 minutes before they got shot. Violence is real. Everyone can be touched. Don’t entertain the devil.” 

Marlon Wayans Tells Rick Ross, Drake & Others “Walk Away”

Directing his remarks superficially to the feuding rappers, Wayans implored them to take a leaf out of J. Cole’s book after he made the controversial decision to back out of the beef and apologize to Lamar. He named Drake, Rick Ross, K. Dot and The Game, professing love for all of them. “I say to all my brothers there’s enough for everyone to eat. Y’all all need to what [J. Cole] did. Walk away from the b#######.” 

Wayans concluded, “Life is short… even shorter if you spend your energy on breaking each other down instead of building each other up. Hate seeing any of our kings at war. We are too few. STOP!” 

Rah Digga also shared her reaction on the same post, questioning why anybody would play the incendiary “Not Like Us” in Canada amid the Drake beef.  

“I’m imagining a DJ throwing on Hit Em Up at The Tunnel circa 95,” she wrote. “Wouldn’t/shouldn’t/COULDN’T HAPPEN. This just wasn’t smart.”