Rick Ross & Crew Jumped By Drake Fans In Brutal Brawl After Playing “Not Like Us” In Canada 

Drake Rick Ross

Rick Ross appeared to get punched in the face and members of his entourage were stomped during a brutal brawl in Canada. 

Rick Ross was punched in the face and his crew was jumped at a concert in Canada which descended into chaos as multiple brawls broke out after the DJ played “Not Like Us.” 

Footage circulated online showing the MMG honcho facing off against a bunch of goons at Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, while K. Dot’s Drake diss plays in the background. After exchanging tense words a man swings on Ross, seemingly catching him in the face.  

The punch leads to mayhem as various men from both sides then begin brawling with punches and kicks flying. One man appeared to get stomped out and jumped by multiple assailants in a brutal beating. Other videos show Rick Ross standing his ground in the middle of the scrap.  

A different video appears to show Rick Ross’s DJ, DJ Sam in a vicious beatdown. 

While Drake there’s no indication Drake was involved, he did approve of Rick Ross’s crew getting jumped. Drake liked a post shared by Instagram account 6ixaktv featuring footage of the brawl. 


The post was captioned, “@richforever met the BC demons at his show tonight…He shouldn’t have played @kendricklamar hit record.” 

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Rick Ross and Drake have been trading shots since Rozay dropped his “Champagne Moments” diss amid Drizzy’s battle with Kendrick Lamar.