Meek Mill Catches Heat For Claiming He Makes A Million Dollars Per Song

Meek Mill

The Dream Chaser has fans telling him to put the blunt down.

Rick Ross and Meek Mill recently joined forces for Too Good to Be True. The project debuted at No. 23 on the Billboard 200 with a reported 31,000 first-week units, leading to debates about the two rap stars’ album sales.

Meek Mill was back to money talk again on Monday (November 20). This time, the Dream Chaser label founder took to Instagram in order to make a declaration about his supposed music revenue and Billboard charts.

“I’m getting a million a song… so that’s 62,500 every bar I speak,” he wrote. “They say this rap s### dying must be on Billboard because it’s not to meek!”

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In response, other Instagram users began trashing Meek Mill. One person commented, “Bro, just rap and drop the s### n####, stop talkin bout how much money [you’re] making off music [because] we don’t care, we just want good music.”

Another commenter wrote, “[You’re] doing waaaay [too] much explaining and tryna justify them low album sales. It’s ok to admit the album not doing that great… the streets not buying or playing that s### like you’re claiming. It wasn’t a flop… just wasn’t as successful as you’re tryna spin it to be.”

Meek Mill addressed the opening-week total for his joint effort with the Maybach Music Group boss last week. According to the Philadelphia-bred rapper, he and Ross make more money as owners of their musical content.

“Now we all own our music we getting the tech built to put people on our own musical subscriptions and we gone let direct to consumer see if rap [is] doing well,” Meek tweeted on November 12. “I never wanted to be on Billboards… a lot of them guys they marketed in front of us can’t make 100k today.”