Meek Mill Goes On Trippie Redd Tirade, Claims Rapper Is Banned From Philadelphia

Meek Mill

Meek Mill called Trippie Redd a devil worshipper in a wild rant that was quickly deleted after it was posted online.

Meek Mill dissed Trippie Redd in a series of since-deleted Instagram posts on Tuesday (November 21). The Philadelphia native insinuated he’d been insulted by Trippie Redd but never mentioned an explicit reason for the beef.

“This guy no good!!!” Meek Mill wrote. “I ain’t even know you said my name… If you f### with me f### this guy right here… I wanna stand on n####s freely saying my name make it tight outside! I ain’t even know you said my name I seen you get pulled in a room by the gangstas in la you was scared but let’s see how tough yall guys are! I can’t believe these Philly young bulls gassed you to say my name. Look like you repping the devil ima show how trying god is @trippieredd.”

Meek Mill claimed Philly was a no-fly zone for Trippie Redd. The Dream Chasers rapper hinted at his willingness to engage in a physical confrontation yet ended his rant with a “stop the violence” plea.

“If you not ready for Philly just mind your business @trippieredd he’s noooooooo good out here from Maine to Spain and I mean that!” Meek Mill wrote. “He may worship the devil so all my god bodies watch this pussie I can’t wait to see him lol. I’ll make you cry lil p#### 300 nights you and ya man that’s why he ain’t been out in the city he weak and getting weaker now he hating on his own n####s lol.”

He continued, “Yall n####s not even built for jail playing with a don lol it’s getting unbelievable but ima come out to see if yall really ready for yall and yall family stand behind anything threat towards meek … let’s see how strong yall are … stop the violence bless up!”

The unexpected beef emerged a little over two weeks after Meek Mill dropped his Too Good to Be True album with Rick Ross. The project debuted at No. 23 on the Billboard 200.