Meek Mill Says He’s Not Religious & Doesn’t Believe In Hell

Meek Mill

The outspoken tweeter maintains his heart is gold.

Meek Mill likes to share his thoughts on the X social media platform. For instance, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native decided to voice his opinion on spiritual topics.

“I don’t have a religion due to the simple facts of racism and [judgment] and now war,” the 37-year-old recording artist tweeted on Tuesday (May 21).

Meek Mill continued, “I made my mind up at the age of 15 living in treacherous conditions. I strongly believed in god. He answered every prayer… I don’t believe in hell and I don’t need [to] because my heart [is] gold.”

In addition to sharing his views on religion, Meek Mill’s latest social media activity included defending himself against accusations of being a puppet for white billionaires like Michael Rubin.

Meek also blasted social media in a recent X post. The Reform Alliance Co-Chair promoted mental health awareness while lecturing younger internet users.

“The Black community needs therapy over social media point blank…The points we be trying to make don’t lead to anything,” Meek Mill wrote on May 16.

He also stated, “Just a bunch of people pointing fingers all day… I talk because I see a generation run by computers… Computers don’t suffer but people do!”