Meek Mill Seeks Help Of Investigators To Curtail “Attacks Against Black Artists & Leaders”

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is trying to get to the bottom of this ongoing news cycle.

Meek Mill has vowed to carry out an investigation into recent “attacks” on Black artists and leaders, following his implication in one of Diddy’s recent sexual assault lawsuits.

On Monday (March 4), Meek revealed his plan on Twitter (X) in a series of tweets in which he both called out major corporations for the major power they have while also defending his sexuality.

”I just hired investigators to see to been starting these cyber attacks against black artist and leaders,” Meek wrote in part. “They making blogs post anything that destroys the black house hold and powering everything that level is down!”

In a follow-up tweet, Meek Meek alleged the same companies behind the purported cyber attacks are also responsible for Kodak Black’s issues with mental health.

“A big company powered ‘I know the perc was fake but I still ate’ now we praying for yak mental,” he wrote. “Lil bru need his people … yall think this s### a game they have our people totally distracted! I will never be gay or a rat …. Ima die like that and ima forever step!”

Prior to issuing his investigation announcement, Meek Mill reposted a video social media influencer Ariadna Jacobs created suggesting Hollywood was trying to “silence” him. The clip, which was created in response to a previous tweet Meek Mill shared, shows various media figures’ critiques of his involvement with American politics.

Check out the post below.