Meek Mill Slammed For Defending YK Osiris Amid Backlash For Forced Sukihana Kiss

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is catching heat online after defending YK Osiris, seemingly telling Sukihana, “Don’t do this to him please he a good kid.”

Meek Mill is feeling the internet’s wrath after speaking up for YK Osiris. The Philly rapper took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the viral video showing YK Osiris forcibly kissing Sukihana during a panel at Diddy’s recent Crew League event.  

After the footage surfaced online, Sukihana revealed she was “hurt” and “scared” to stand up for herself following the incident. Meek Mill responded after a blog page shared her remarks. 

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In a tweet seemingly directed toward Sukihana, Meek Mill explained that while he supports the “Pretty and Ratchet” rapper, YK Osiris shouldn’t be torn down for his mistakes. 

“Don’t do this to him please he a good kid …. Just slap him and he gotta let you something,” he wrote. “We don’t need our young bulls tore down for mistakes in this hyper sexual era…. I support suki … hold that s### down on some street s###.” 

However, many tweeters disagreed with his take, blasting him in the replies. 

“What the f### is wrong with you, you degenerate hog,” one comment read. After seeing the response, Meek Mill returned an hour later to call out what he regards as “superficial shaming, judging gaslighting,” adding that Sukihana should determine what happens to YK Osiris.  

“Y’all drawing a big line between men and women nowadays on social …’s getting bad in the black community!” he said. “All this internet superficial shaming, judging gaslighting only hurt us people.”

He continued, “It’s alot of people who need strength especially young black men. He might gotta rumble suki brother anything but this same internet tear each other down stuff! Suki can do what she wants she feels violated… but let me mind my business.” 

The backlash continued, and Meek Mill returned with a final response. “And protect suki!” he added. “Osiris you a dh! Go back to church stop following the heathens!” 

Check out some of the responses to Meek Mill at the end of the page.  

YK Osiris Apologizes To Sukihana

Meanwhile, YK Osiris apologized for his actions in an Instagram post Wednesday evening (June 14). The “BE MY GIRL” rapper claimed he “misread” the situation in what was an attempt at being “playful” gone wrong. He also said, “I understand the importance of consent,” adding, I am embarrassed by my behavior.”