Method Man Addresses Fans Upset Over Him Not Being Part Of Wu-Tang Clan Tour

Method Man

Organizers included Meth on the promo flyers.

Back in April, Nas and the Wu-Tang Clan announced the co-headlining “New York State of Mind” tour. One of the Wu’s most prominent members, Method Man, did not join his Hip Hop brethren.

Some fans wondered why Method Man was not part of the multi-city trek which kicked off on August 30 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Grammy-winning rapper addressed his absence on Instagram Live.

“I’m gonna clear this s### up once and for all. I’m gonna say this one last time,” stated Method Man. “I’m one of the nicest m############ in the world, but I am not a pushover. I have sacrificed so much over the years to satisfy the fans, and I’m pretty sure that’s vice versa and that’s why I love y’all, that’s why I don’t hesitate to go all out for y’all.”

He continued, “But to be dissatisfied or to even blame me for your experience is unfair. Very f###### unfair. My brothers are super-duper talented, with or without me. And I know a lot of people, or a few people, have paid their money to see me perform, but that bill said Wu-Tang Clan.”

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Live Nation’s official announcement for “New York State of Mind” did not mention which Wu-Tang Clan representative would be hitting the road for the shows. However, the company’s blog post did list Method Man as a member of the group. Promotional materials for the tour also featured Meth.

“These things happen and dudes do have to feed their families. Albums don’t sell the way they used to, I’m pretty sure you guys know that,” Method Man told his followers. “So in order to preserve my lifestyle and to feed my family, I had to have alternative means of doing that. And I’m glad to say at 51 years old… I have options. Not everybody can say that. Everyone cannot say that they have options.”

The Long Island-born emcee added, “I f###### love Wu-Tang, wish I could have been on that tour with them. The booking came at a bad time. I was already booked to do a movie. [The] only reason why I’m coming back saying this is because of my love for my fans. The real fans. Not the ones that’d jump in your [direct messages] and curse you the f### out and call you all kinds of b######.”

In addition to being a Platinum-certified recording artist, Method Man is also an actor. His IMDb profile contains appearances in movies such as Belly and How High as well as television programs such as The Wire and Power Book II: Ghost.