Method Man Opens Up About PTSD and Depression Battle Plus Why He Still Rejects Sex Symbol Status 

Method Man

Once Method Man realized he had been battling PTSD and depression since childhood, he turned his life around using self-love tools.

Method Man has revealed how he transformed his life after battling depression to become a person who radiates happiness.  

During a candid interview with Men’s Health, published August 1, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper delved into the issues he faced at the height of his fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  

“I was just being irresponsible,” Method Man began. “I wasn’t taking care of my finances in a proper fashion. The admiration wasn’t the same. I didn’t think it would bother me that much, but it did — people’s opinions. I was just angry.” 

The Power actor continued: “It went from this childhood joy, to this euphoric feeling of celebrity, to feeling inadequate and not good enough. That’s where the depression and stuff came in.” 

He realized that he “had been depressed since I was a youngster,” before starting his music career. “A lot of PTSD I had never dealt with before started resurfacing,” he added. “But I didn’t know what it was then.” 

Method Man explained he “just wasn’t a happy person,” and was surrounded by people who “were just as miserable.” He grew tired of the unhappiness and “wanted everything light,” shunning the “darkness” he had experienced.  

“It had nothing to do with other people,” Method Man stated. “It was just me. What can I control? That’s what I did; I took control after that. I stopped valuing other people’s opinions, and instead of being my biggest critic, I became my biggest fan.” 

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In the process, Meth began practicing “Self-love” to become kinder to himself. “Looking yourself in the mirror and honestly saying that you love yourself,” he said of the process. “But it’s one thing to say and then another to go and do it. Show that you love yourself. That’s all I’ve been doing. What people see now is just happiness.” 

Don’t Call Method Man A Sex Symbol

Elsewhere during the interview, Method Man doubled down on his refusal to accept being labeled a sex symbol. “Put the words together. Sex and symbol. What’s the symbol? I’m not doing anything. So what’s the symbol?” he questioned.  

However, while he loves “every freaking minute” of his female fans going crazy for him, Method Man is adamant, “I don’t want to be that guy.” He added, “You get to a certain age where you just stop caring, and I think that’s the sexiest thing in the world right there.”