Michael B. Jordan Explains His Issues With Romantic Films

Michael B Jordan

Actor Michael B. Jordan explained why he never took on any romantic rules – until his upcoming film which is being directed by Denzel Washington!

Michael B. Jordan ‘strayed away’ from romantic films as he couldn’t connect to characters

Michael B. Jordan shied away from signing up for romantic films in the past as he struggled to find the right emotions to connect with the characters.

During an interview with :BLACKPRINT, the 34-year-old discussed taking on his first romantic role in his upcoming film, “A Journal for Jordan,” and why he avoided romantic storylines in the past.

“I’ve usually kind of strayed away from love stories in the past,” he explained, adding that when he read a script he often couldn’t “tap into real emotions in that type of way that could really connect with the character.”

However, with the script for “A Journal for Jordan,” which is based on a memoir by The New York Times reporter Dana Canedy, Jordan had a change of heart.

The story involves Canedy giving a journal to her late husband before he leaves for active duty, something the actor connected to.

“I journal a lot,” the Fruitvale Station star continued. “So understanding the thought process behind leaving words and lessons in a journal for somebody to read later, I just love the idea of that. I connect with that personally.”

Another big incentive to join the project was being directed by “phenomenal talent and icon” Denzel Washington, with Jordan adding, “It was a dream to always work with him.”