Michael B. Jordan Recalls Applying To Work At Jack-In-The-Box

Michael B Jordan

Actor said “I was still booking jobs, but broke.”

“Creed” actor and director, Michael B. Jordan, has opened up to Tank and J Valentine about not having money after starring in “The Wire.”

The New Jersey native appeared on a recent episode of the R&B Money Podcast with iHeart Radio.

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In the interview, he said that as a young actor, the struggle was real. Even though he was booking roles, he still struggled to pay his bills.

“I was like still booking jobs, but still dead broke.” Jordan said, adding, people would be like “Yo, that’s such and such from ‘The Wire!’”

 “I’m like yeah but me and Sterling’s applying [for jobs] at Jack-in-the-Box,” he said.

When applying, despite his celebrity, restaurant managers would not hire him. They would tell him that he was “overqualified.”

“We were going to fast food spots, trying to you know apply for jobs,” he recalled. “And it was like one of those moments sitting in the car before we went there and we were like ‘Yo, we about to do this sh##?”

The guys joked about the “tough spot,” Jordan was in. But that’s a distant past. Now the actor is Hollywood royalty, far away from the struggle stories from his early years.

AllHipHop.com reported one struggle story that made headlines recently. During a red-carpet interview, the “Black Panther” actor was interviewed by someone he went to school with. He reminded the person that back in the day, she was part of a group that called him “corny.”

The reporter, Lore’l, denied insulting Jordan and continues publicly celebrated his many accomplishments.