Michael B. Jordan Wants To Be More Than A “Black” Actor

Michael B Jordan

Michael B. Jordan wants the world to see him as more than a “black” actor.

Michael B. Jordan wants to be seen for who he really is.

The “Black Panther” star doesn’t want to just be known as a “Black actor” and wants to “set an example” to other actors and actresses who might feel the same.

Speaking as part of Coach Conversations, he said: “It doesn’t have to be this line in the sand of being like, ‘Oh, you’re the black actor.’ You know what I’m saying? Why can’t I just be an actor? That can’t happen unless you walk through it, unapologetically in who you are, and not scared to walk your truth on a daily basis … It’s like, ‘You’re going to see me for what I am and who I am, not what you think I am.’ I think that’s something we have to continue to do because we definitely set an example.”

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actor, who is dating socialite Lori Harvey, recently revealed he wants to inspire future generations to battle racial injustice and wants to “lay down a solid foundation” to help with this.

He shared: “This year has been so revealing and enlightening in so many different ways. It’s like I’m standing on the past generation’s shoulders, I want this next generation to stand on top of mine. I want them to be a little bit taller, see further, speak louder, be better. So in the position I’m in, I’m just trying to lay down a solid foundation for them to stand on.”

And Michael also revealed that he has learned “to rely more on his instincts and intuition” more.

He added: “I would give that advice to people coming up and the next generation, to use your voice and to speak out on things that you truly believe in. Because win, lose or draw, you can go to bed at night knowing that you lived your truth.”