Miguel Discusses The Resurgence Of “Sure Thing” On TikTok


The track is back on the ‘Billboard’ charts.

The TikTok social media app can break a new artist into the mainstream or bring new life to a song from the past. R&B vocalist Miguel experienced the power of TikTok when his 2011 single “Sure Thing” saw a rejuvenation in recent weeks.

As a result of going viral on TikTok, Miguel’s “Sure Thing” returned to the Hot 100 chart. The All I Want Is You track currently sits at #28 on Billboard‘s weekly rankings of the most popular songs in America.

Apple Music 1’s The Chart Show with Brooke Reese spoke to Miguel about the resurgence of “Sure Thing” in 2023. The 37-year-old singer/songwriter specifically addressed the success of the sped-up versions of the record on TikTok.

“I think at this point, especially because it’s older work, I think those remixes probably didn’t get heard. They weren’t heard at the time as much as they could or should have been. People hearing those remixes is fun,” said Miguel.

He continued, “I’m about all of it. I think I always wanted to be an artist that made music that lasted over time. And honestly, it makes me more determined to continue to keep going, so it’s a blessing. It’s really dope.”

All I Want Is You, Miguel’s debut studio LP, came out in November 2010. In addition to “Sure Thing,” the album hosts “Quickie” as well as the title track featuring Hip Hop star J. Cole. Both of those songs also charted on the Hot 100.

Miguel Says He’s Working On His Creative Output

The Recording Industry Association of America certified “Sure Thing” as 3x-Platinum in 2019. “All I Want Is You” with J. Cole picked up a Platinum plaque one year earlier. The All I Want Is You album earned Platinum certification in 2017.

In addition, Miguel released Kaleidoscope Dream in 2012, Wildheart in 2015, and War & Leisure in 2017. An EP titled Art Dealer Chic 4 arrived in 2021. The Grammy winner spoke about what he has coming up in the near future.

“I’ve actually just been really working on just my creative output in general and figuring out ways to push my brain and my mind so that I’m better apt to create,” Miguel told Brooke Reese. “I heard something I think a couple of days ago, who was it? It might have been like Troy Carter, shout out to Troy Carter. He said something about creativity, but essentially we’re in such a time, a crazy time where being creative is really challenging and being really pure about your creativity is really challenging.”

Miguel added, “So for all the artists out there, regardless of your medium, I think it’s important that we support each other, and support being and doing what feels honest and true without any expectation or succumbing to the pressure of it having to perform in any kind of way.”

He concluded by saying, “I think the truest art is what grabs people and emotionality is what makes art important. And the more we focus on those things, the more true the art becomes and the deeper people can connect to it. I think that’s what, we as artists, at this point, I think that’s where we really show our value.”