Mike Dean Denies Quitting “Donda” Production After Calling It “Toxic”

Kanye West

Mike Dean, the acclaimed producer, has denied rumors that he has quit working on the rapper’s much delayed new album, “Donda.”

It seems as though every day brings news about Kanye West’s long-awaited Donda album and Sunday was no exception! 

Mike Dean, the acclaimed producer, denied rumors that he has quit working on the rapper’s much delayed new album, Donda.   

The record producer and long-time Kanye West collaborator, seemingly frustrated with progress on the project took to Twitter to vent his frustration.   

In a series of tweets fans of the Chicago-bred rapper were taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It started with Dean tweeting “f*ck it” and that it was “good to be back at the house”.   

It was of course assumed that Mike Dean had gone back home to LA leaving Kanye without his producer.  

In another tweet Mike wrote: “I left Monday. Secretly. Had to get away.” further fuelling the rumor that he had fled the project.   

In response to a comment suggesting the Donda album’s rollout had been “toxic”, Dead tweeted in agreement: “Toxic. That’s it,” 

Responding to a tweet suggesting he “go help Kanye PLZ”, Mike tweeted: “Helping myself. Thx” further fuelling whispers of a rift.   

Whether the producer had quit or not remains to be seen. However he has since confirmed he is back working on the album in a new tweet: “I haven’t quit anything. The album continues. Lol. People read too much into tweets. Lol” 

It seems as though the producer may be feeling underappreciated. Last night he retweeted a series of tweets putting respect on his name! 

The Donda album has already been subject to a number of delays. Fans were expecting its release after listening parties on July 22 and then on August 5th, held in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The second Donda event was the most-watched live stream in Apple Music history attracting over 5.4 million viewers.   

Fans are hoping for a release date of August 20.