Millyz Aligns With Jack Harlow & Stands Up To Machine Gun Kelly: “Pick On Me”


Millyz really got Jack Harlow’s back—Machine Gun Kelly better watch out!

Millyz isn’t afraid to stick up for his fellow white rap counterpart Jack Harlow, even if it means waging war with their estranged rap peer Machine Gun Kelly.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Millyz spoke at length about his issues with MGK, remarking how the Cleveland rapper’s attitude toward Jack Harlow initiated his recent shot at Kelly.

“Rap is competitive and I think people get real sensitive, like this is a blood sport—that’s how I started out,” Millyz said in part. “Me being a white rapper…this is Black culture so I didn’t come in this to tear nobody else down, but in this white rapper s##t, yeah, we gotta go for who’s there, who’s at the top of the s##t man. So, you know, he kind of bullied Jack Harlow a bit man, or tried, so I’m just like, you know, ‘Pick on me, pick on somebody your size’.”

In the midst of his statements, the Massachutes-bred rapper makes a bold claim about the edge he believes he has over Kelly while briefly detailing their short and tumultuous history.

“He know he can’t f### with me from the bottom of his heart,” he said in part. “I know he real frustrated right now because he knows it’s a lose-lose and I’ve had weird encounters with him before. He been in my circumference he been around me a lot of times where he pretended he didn’t know who I was and then one night he told me ‘Oh I knew exactly who you were from the time that I met you,’ and so, I don’t like s##t like that because there’s a lot of people in this industry that been scared to let me in—and especially people like that.”

This isn’t the first time Millyz has publicly spoken about his issues with MGK. In November during an appearance on DJ Cosmic Kev’s The Come Up Show Live, he called Kelly a “goofy” and told Jack Harlow he does lyrical “murder for hire.”

Check out the full interview below.