Missy Elliott Confirms Six Albums Worth Of Music Since Last Release

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott, ready for her first headlining tour, hints at releasing a new album sooner rather than later.

Missy Elliott is set to return to the spotlight in grand fashion, teasing fans with promises of a deluge of new music.

The Hip-Hop luminary, absent from the album scene since releasing The Cookbook 19 years ago, revealed she has produced enough material for six new albums.

In April, the revered artist announced her imminent first headlining tour, “Out of This World: The Missy Elliott Experience.”

The tour, featuring collaborators Ciara and Busta Rhymes, will captivate audiences across North America from early July through late August.

Promoting the tour in an interview with Variety, Missy Elliott hinted at the arrival of a fresh album.

“When you are a writer and a producer, I’m quite sure I can probably speak for a lot of those types of people, that they’re recording all the time. So I probably have at least six albums worth of music at this point,” Missy Elliott disclosed.

She spoke of her longtime collaborator Timbaland urging her, saying, “‘What you waiting for? So what you waiting for then?’ I be like, I don’t know.”

Elliott suggested her album may be announced unexpectedly.

“I believe that it’ll be a day that everybody’s going on about their way, and then you just look online and see an album date from me. So yeah, I think that’ll happen sooner than later.”