Missy Elliott Talks Performing At The Super Bowl + Reacts To Young Thug's Comments About Jay Z


(AllHipHop News) Missy Elliott’s appearance during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry led the veteran performer seeing the consumption of her music catalog skyrocket on iTunes and Spotify. Missy spoke with Sway In The Morning about her performance in Arizona.

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“I thank Katy cause she could have picked any artist. It was big for her. Most artists would be like, ‘Let me get somebody on the top of the charts just to make my joint just go even higher,'” said Missy. “We did a record together, and I thought I was going to come out on the record we did. She said, ‘I want you to do your records.’ I’m like, ‘Wow.'”

Missy tells Sway she has been receiving a lot of offers to go back out on tour. But the rapper/singer/producer is still figuring out what her next move will be.

The “Work It” rhymer was also asked about the idea of ageism in Hip Hop. The question spawned from Young Thug’s comments that he would not purchase a Jay Z album because the Roc Nation boss is over 40.

“I haven’t experience [ageism], and I thank God. I’m blessed,” Missy responded. “I think what me and [Timbaland] did with our music was so ahead of its time – and it’s still ahead of its time. That’s not even coming from a cocky or conceited way. I listen and tell Tim, ‘What were you on? What were we on?'”

For Missy, her crew’s futuristic style is what prevents the music from sounding dated. She adds there should not be time limits for Hip Hop artists.

“Other genres, they don’t have that. They could be 80 years old selling out shows. I think talent is talent, and it’s timeless,” she stated.

Missy is getting set to go back in the studio with longtime production partner Timbaland. Missy is not quick to say an album is coming, but the two Virginia natives are recording new music together.

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Listen to Missy Elliott’s interview below.