Moneybagg Yo & Ari Fletcher Relationship Drama Erupts Over Cryptic Post

Moneybagg Yo Ari Fletcher

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher’s relationship issues hit social media as Fletcher defended the private matter playing out in public.

Ari Fletcher warned Moneybagg Yo after he hinted at trouble in their relationship on X (formerly known as Twitter). Fletcher believed her boo was taking a jab at her via social media on Monday night (June 24).

“Watch out for ppl in yo life dat look for a reason to fall out with u,” Moneybagg Yo wrote.

Fletcher responded, “You ain’t really trying to play this game is you? I’ll finish it on this b####.”

Moneybagg Yo and Fletcher’s clash played out in public, leading to opinions from onlookers on social media. Fletcher snapped at several people who commented on the couple’s behavior on Tuesday (June 25).

“We did text each other b#### then we came to the internet,” Fletcher wrote to one X user who thought the relationship drama should remain private.

The couple’s latest spat occurred a month after Fletcher criticized Moneybagg Yo’s baby mama. Fletcher accused Moneybagg Yo’s baby mama of harassment when he tried to downplay issues between the two women.

“Don’t say nobody,” Fletcher wrote. “Say your babymama. It’s been 5 years of stalking and harassment. This s### is SO beneath me.”

Moneybagg Yo’s baby mama suggested he was still obsessed with her. Fletcher dared the woman to prove it.

“You on your page promoting fraud and getting child support,” Fletcher declared. “You live in a f###### air bnb. We call you the cafeteria lady. You was a prostitute that he got pregnant. Nobody is f##### up about him but you. Drop some receipts or leave it on the play ground.”

Moneybagg Yo released a new album titled Speak Now on June 14. The project featured Lil Durk, Chris Brown, Morgan Wallen and more.