Moneybagg Yo Releases Summer Banger “See Wat I’m Sayin’” 

Moneybagg Yo is on a mission and “Taking Ova Da Summer” is the objective, with his new song “See Wat I’m Sayin’.”

Moneybagg Yo dropped off another fresh new single, “See Wat I’m Sayin’” released Friday, May 27. 

The song follows “Said Sum,” his previous hit single, and “Rocky Road” featuring Florida-bred rapper Kodak Black.  

Moneybagg Yo had previously teased the song on social media all week. The Memphis rapper expects to take over the summer with the new track. “Taking Ova Da Summer @ 12 Midnight!! 🌪🌪🌪🌪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣🗣Ima Make Em See Wat I’m Sayin !!!” he penned on Instagram. Listen to it below.

Yo Gotti Says Moneybagg Yo Has The It-Factor

CMG boss Yo Gotti discussed signing Moneybagg Yo during a recent interview. “Young artists are blinded by dollar signs,” he explained to Billboard. “Everybody wants a new car, to move their momma out to a bigger house, jewelry, the nice things in life. I think everybody should have exactly what they want, but there’s methods, strategies and tactics to get everything. Artists turn me off when it’s all about money.” 

When asked if they have to have heart, he replied, “They’ve got to have the it-factor” and pointed to Moneybagg Yo. In 2016, “Me and [Blac] Youngsta start working, and he immediately asks me, ‘You looking for another artist?’ ” Gotti recalled. “There’s this dude Moneybagg Yo, he’s hot.’” 

At the time, Moneybagg Yo was a member of the rap collective Memphis Greatest Underrated (MGU) alongside Youngsta. By the time the group split, Moneybagg had released about six mixtapes and amassed a loyal local fan base. “Youngsta blew up first, then I blew up — there were too many egos,” Moneybagg said of the group’s split.  

However, Yo Gotti had a plan to expand his reach far beyond Tennessee despite the rapper initially wanting to maintain independence. Once Moneybagg Yo realized, “certain doors won’t open if you ain’t connected,” he signed to CMG with a $220,000 signing bonus to sweeten the deal.  

“I was getting $2,500 a show, then I signed with Gotti, and I started getting $25,000,” Moneybagg said. “My career just kept going up, then I started doing the Chitlin Circuit — Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee — and the rest was history.”