Monica Fires Back At Fan Questioning Her Sex Life After Posting New Man 


Monica let a little of her “Goonica” alter ego slip out when a fan asked about “cleansing the last man out,” after posting her new man.  

Monica clapped back at a fan who was all up in her business after the R&B icon celebrated the new man in her life.  

The singer, currently on the Pink Friday 2 tour with Nicki Minaj, gave Anthony Wilson his flowers on her Instagram Story. 

“Number ONE television show and song at the same time! LET’S GO!,” Monica wrote, congratulating Wilson, who manages Chris Brown and serves as executive producer on 50 Cent’s BMF series. 

However, when The Neighbourhood Talk shared the post, the comment section was littered with enquiries about her past relationship with C-Murder. Monica caught wind of the chatter and responded to one person who questioned her moving on wither her new man. 

“Y’all don’t believe in staying single and cleansing the last man out your [cat,] the commenter wrote. 

“My last one couldn’t ever get no damn & that was 2.5 yrs ago !!!” she replied. “this is why it’s better to speak what you know or just MYMFBB.” 

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This isn’t the first time Monica has faced questions about C-Murder after posting Wilson. Last December, she attempted to put an end to the confusion when fans asked about her ex on another Instagram post.  

“Well , here it is in short !” she stated. “I got my heartbroken (again) and that’s ok! I learned yet another valuable lesson!”   

Monica also said she’s since moved on and asked her fans to do the same. “I went through it , got over it, now I can laugh about it !,” she added. “Life continues ! I feel great that through it he has representation to one day be free ! Let’s move forward !” 

C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence after he was found guilty of the 2002 killing of 16-year-old Steve Thomas in a New Orleans, Louisiana nightclub.